The Dream Room – Handpainted Antique Murals


This is my “Chalk Wall Dream Room” project created for the employees at Infusionsoft, a growing software company in Chandler, Arizona as a way of channeling personal and professional growth within (and outside) the company environment.

They were keen on a chalky “typographic” solution, so it was a fun challenge to create custom type and banners that kept in theme. Ever the experimentalist, I tackled this project with all the attention and care it deserved.

I broke the room down into 4 Separate Designs. Here’s how it all shook out.

1. Your Future is Greater than your Past

This mural greets you at the entrance.

Creating Antique flow with type and detailing while keeping readability high


 Fun little scrolling details in color against gold banners.


Custom lettering with gold highlights. I dusted it all a bit with the paint to enhance the chalky feel.


Another lettering detail.


2. My Dream is…

This mural was at the far end of the room, providing ample space to fill in employee hopes and dreams.

White type with gold highlights reflect nicely off the floor to ceiling windows on the far end of the room.


Here’s a nice closeup.


Employees are encouraged to write their dreams in chalk on the walls of the room, we just provided them the opportunity.

 Gold Lines run the length of this wall and around the corner.


 3. We Believe in People and Their Dreams

This long-ass banner took me a few attempts to install. I hand cut this whole 20 foot statement and realized while on-site, I had cut it 1 foot too long. Le Sigh. My second try was right on, just needed to get spacing down exactly.  It definitely got my math wheels turning and I figured it out.

Nice thing about hand cut type, it has a much more organic feel.


Holy Crap! It’s level and even, not too shabby! Just a bit of paint dusting for style.


 In progress shot of the right side entrance.


4. Welcome Banner / TV Framing

The plan is to install a TV here on the left wall, I just provided the framing.


Process Photos

My designer side considered having a plotter die-cut some vinyl, and applying the vinyl stencils to the wall as a mask that I could paint.

However, with this large format installation process, chances of adhesive vinyl sticking to itself and completely going to hell was not worth the hassle and expense. I felt the designs would benefit from being handmade and imperfect.

Each mural was sketched, designed and illustrated, then stenciled with a sharpie and Exacto knife,  and painted (in pieces) by hand.

Here’s a sketch of the largest mural


I chose simple Rosin paper from Home depot and it worked great with a few hitches. It does take a bit of patience and perseverance to figure out the best way of working with these materials.

Creating Banner Framework


The large sections were tricky to get straight.


Color scroll work


 Painting in progress before FUTURE GREATER PAST type.


Finishing touches here on the highlights


 Long scrolling hand cut type banner. Kinda therapeutic to cut all this out.  Cutting them out provides a great perspective on letter structure (type nerd alert).


Stencil cutting details.


Keep Dreaming my friends


Nice thing about the fine-art side of the industry, I get to sign my work.


All in all, a long road between starting this project and that last signature. It was such a great sense of accomplishment when I finished. I”m so pleased with how this mural turned out. Thanks to all the awesome people i worked with on this project from Infusionsoft. On to the next adventure!

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