Retro Mural Design


I recently created a series of murals for Oregano’s restaurants as part of refreshing their outdoor signage and all around brand enhancement. In addition to these murals i illustrated a host of other graphics including menu covers and wine labels. I had a blast working on this retro style and at this point I’ve got a good understanding of the brand “ins and outs”. After the concept phase, I set to work on sketches.

The Band

I considered a quartet in my first sketch but the client decided on “Big Band” messaging for the finished art. I made partly articulated silhouettes to allow the faces and instruments to show through while still giving off a subdued feel.

 Layin’ on the horns!


As a kid I remember cutting out silhouette portraits of Abraham Lincoln in elementary school with my blue LEFTY scissors. Boy was I special with those scissors, only 1 pair in the entire class!  Working on a silhouette makes me think fondly back on that simple elementary craft project. Do kids still make presidential silhouettes in school these days?

Finished Big Band mural


Fine with wine

Fancy ladies holding wine, need I say more?


Final mural guides you towards a glass of mirth.


A sly come hither stare, is that witchcraft?


Hopped Up

More libation specific messaging. I dig how his left arm completes the badge shape I have going in the background.


I kept my art simpler with flat color for easier application to the rough surface. I’m always conscious of how best I can streamline my design for it’s intended use.

A detail of our rumpled retro hophead.


Of course a huge shout out to Gary at Free Range Productions for the collaboration.

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