Vintage Portraiture

This spring, I debuted a new collection of  my Handmade Silkscreen Prints. Portraiture has become a passion of mine over the years, I love capturing interesting subjects and faces.

The show was a great chance to show off a larger body of work together as a group. The Venue (Modern Manor) has lots of eclectic furniture space, so my Silkscreens fit right in with the overall style. Like most of my personal art, the subjects are always changing. I have many interests and therefore travel in many directions, but the common thread through this series are the expressive faces.


Buffalo Nickel: Late 19th century portraits have always been a fascination of mine


El Sequestrador: The stylish, masked Luchador. The full piece is rife with symbolism


Gypsy Rose Lee: IconicAmerican Burlesque entertainer of the mid 20th century.


Angry Girl:  Ready for action! The antiseptic blue background and shirt provide a calming foil to this WWII heroine.


Many thanks to Lucas Ruiz for his efforts and Modern Manor for hosting the show and their great support.  Looking forward to the next one!

All Handmade Screenprints from this series are available for purchase at Trapdoor Studio.