Modfire Lifestyle

When local Phoenix Product Designer and Fabricator Brandon Williams charged me with creating some stylish illustrations for Modfire,  it was  something I could easily get excited about. They make an incredibly cool product and have received well deserved recognition for their aesthetically killer, modern fireplaces.

What I came up with were a series of lifestyle illustrations. Clean like the product, but still inviting. Minimal colors but lots of detailed linework. The entire process took a while, and came together over the course of the summer, culminating in some Graphic tees and showroom decor. Here’s how the final art came out and some sketchework from the concept stages.

Airstream Camper


Airstream Detail: Clean dots and linework.


Urban Patio


Urban Patio Detail: The perfect day off.


Four layout sketches were provided, but not all sketches made the cut. Here are two designs that were not chosen but I still like ’em anyway.

Starfire Design: I dig the completeness of this sketch using the Starfire model as an anchor at the bottom.


The Balcony: I could certainly see taking this design further down the road.


Overall a great experience and a cool final product, many thanks to the crew at Modfire!