Vintage Audio Coaster Set


I’m always playing “beat the clock”. My business consists of ever shortening deadlines. You want the job then you must deliver. I tell ya it gives me terrible anxiety because I feel this massive urge to make my work better for every project. That means in my free time (HA! free time) I can take things a bit slower, yet I’m still rushing to get things finished. If a project sits too long I’ll never pick it back up again.

This Audio coaster series of illustrations came together a few months ago in a flurry of creativity, but it’s taken me ages to get them printed, photographed and up on the site.

Geometry is fun!

Thin lines create a visual halftone and help tie all the illustrations together with a consistent feel.

I love making highlights and shadows so stark and clean. It’s a real accomplishment for me to boil images down to the basics and get a cool, clean piece of artwork that works in 1 color.

Notice this amp volume goes to 11. My ode to “This is Spinal Tap”.


This art is based on my own Realistic Lab-400 Turntable. I also made this piece into a monoscreen print.


I also made the amp and turntable designs into monoscreen prints.

2 Speakers come in each set (stereo surround sound OF COURSE)


The back of each printed has the Series and Maker information



Each set Includes: (1) Amp, (1) Turntable and (2) Speakers.
Each design is illustrated then handprinted on my Antique Challenge Gordon Letterpress. Truly unique.

4″x4″ Gold Ink on Coaster Stock
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