Goin’ Apey


“The Great Ape Trust” Travel Poster

I designed and illustrated this poster for Popular Science Magazine. The Geek Getaways article about Science minded summer travel is chock full of fascinating destinations. PopSci wanted to showcase a handful of these in Travel Poster form for the article.

Over the next few weeks I will highlight all 4 posters designed and illustrated for the magazine, starting with my friend the Bonobo here.

First up…

The Great Ape Trust

My approach for the poster was to convey the intelligence and peaceful nature of the animals and reflect the primate learning research done at the Great Ape Trust Facility in Des Moines, Iowa.

I started with a sketch (of course.)


I felt the Bonobo should look relaxed, thoughtful and placed in a natural setting. The Learning Sanctuary resides on a sprawling 230-acre natural forest and wetlands preserve.

I had fun with color and details here.


The tile shapes in the banner represent the Lexigram keyboard the apes use to communicate. Lexigram symbols represent over 400 words the apes can use to communicate! Amazing stuff.

Adding in the touches of greenery married together the portrait and the banner.


The poster was a great challenge and opportunity to have fun with the travel poster genre and create something unique and eye-catching for the article.

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