Midcentury Phoenix Lives!



As part of my Wooden Nickels show this spring, I created a new series of illustrations and handmade screen prints featuring Arizona’s impressive roster of midcentury architects. My goal was to create a set of prints that work together for a large installation, or independently as a single piece . I geek out on beautiful functionality, and if it’s one thing these architects know about, it’s form & function working in harmony.  

Modern Phoenix Week

As the events of Modern Phoenix Week unfolded, the show opened on First Friday at Hard Goods inside of Modern Manor. The screen prints paired nicely with the overall theme and the great setting inside Modern Manor.

The Modern Phoenix Organization is a wealth of resource for all things Modern here in the valley. Each year they host Modern Phoenix Week, a collection of events, tours and talks about our unique architectural history. We have much to be thankful for my friends, in fact we are NOT a city built on beige!

The Illustrations

I focused on the iconic geometry and LEANED into it. Spinning out some common color combinations to marry all designs together, while focusing on the unique aspects of each architects particular style. 9 illustrations were created in the series starting with Ralph Haver. Hit me up through the my contact form for inquiries on purchasing available prints

The old Kon-Tiki Hotel. No longer with us, but a dynamic design nonetheless.


Sarmiento’s Phoenix Financial Center on Central. Googy Style! Love the signage and that continuous Parabolic Shape.


Sarmiento’s Western Savings Bank with original white roof.


 A Modern Manor for these modern times. Complete with a classic Lincoln Continental.


South Scottsdale is dotted with these stylish Allied homes designed by Charles and Arthur Schreiber. Thunderbird in the car port, of course!


The incredibly unique earth form work of Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti


Al Beadle’s Paradise Gardens


Haver’s Town & Country neighborhood was the first print I designed in the series. If I’m working on a series, I always start with the first design and build off the theme.


Handmade Screenprints

My unique handmade screen prints of this series are now available for purchase. An extremely limited-edition of 9 prints were made for each design. Images and the list of available prints will be up in the store over the coming weeks. Until then, contact me here for pricing and availability.

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