Cempazuchitl Monoscreen Print

Cempazuchitl is a yellow Marigold symbolizing death and dating back to pre-Columbian times in Mexico. This marigold is widely used in Day of the Dead celebrations today. I find myself intrigued by symbolism and iconography of all kinds (big surprise right?), so when i set out to make a series of prints on symbolism i immediately thought of these sumptuously colored flowers and their ties to the afterlife.

The formal arrangement of figure, flowers and banner present a thoughtful but glowing portrait.




The illustration is drawn out on newsprint and stencils are cut. As always, attention to detail when cutting is important for proper registration. I’ve had a few prints go south on me because i had 1 too many bourbons while up late cutting away.

Here is the brown stencil being cut with my trusty comfort grip handle exacto blade.



Marigold Stencil

On top of the patterned and brushed pale buttercream backgrounds, the first stencil our warm yellow. cempazuchitl-print-process-woman-arvizu

Warm Brown Stencil

Here’s a hastily shot brown stencil screen just before it gets power-washed into oblivion.


Highlight Stencil

Our last stencil is adding more detail and depth to the print…highlights including counter spaces in the P and A. You can see the light yellow ink layered up on top of the brown and orange.

Layered inks and brush work.


Nothing like adjusting colors WHILE you’re printing. Who am i kidding though, that’s part of the fun.

Brushwork and details of her face. YAY details!


FINISHED PRINT Number 4, Edition of 7.


Only 3 prints will be released for sale. This is number 4 of 7.
Layered yellow, marigold and brown. Hand stenciled. 5 – Pull : $159
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