Wrap it up

As i mentally prepare for my gift hunting and wrapping plans this holiday season, i was reminded of another character illustration from a few years back.

The character was developed to represent Creative Inspiration Guru Cherylstyle with a modern colorful twist. Cheryl wanted the avatar’s face to be abstracted and very modern yet still represent her stylish persona. I focused on simplifying the figure and exploring shapes and lines.

Unexpected help from Rex

Holiday Season

One of the first scenes created for Cheryl was this holiday wrapping-paper caddy design. For visual interest custom patterns were used in key areas.

Whoa Nelly!

Cut paper style with little organic details like bows and scissors.

A happy modern mutt

I enjoyed creating all the details of this piece, even little rolls of tape and wrapping paper.

More illustrations from this series will be posted soon, in the meantime check out The Modern Quail.