Audiophile Series

Like everyone else on the planet I happen to love music. Finding a late 70’s RadioShack turntable a few years ago got me into collecting those vinyl discs to play on it. It’s such a thrill to have the 12″ album artwork and the music in a format i grew up with. While listening to records a few months ago I decided the turntable itself would make a great print, and set out to create a series of audio hardware inspired monoscreen prints.


Vintage Turntable design over reclaimed double Cadillac poster. 5-Pull


Royal blue streaks break up the black nicely and give a sense of reflective highlights.


All those little dots were holes punched by hand with 2 sizes of handheld hole puncher. Keeping everything evenly spaced, and rolling up the stencil to get the small punchers access to the entire circumference was the tough part.

From different angles, the Cadillac artwork comes forward or recedes into the background.

Here you can see it pop!


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Dry brush grill cover all AMPED UP on acid green. 4-Pull

The brown and acidic green combination pops!


Mixing clear into the inks can create soft halo’s around the hard edges.


Dry brushwork in multiple browns and neutral colors creates the wool pattern and texture.


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Black and White lovely headphones over heavy red drip. 3-Pull


The red over red drip is sooooo rich.


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Pass the Mic

Deep blue and cream over broadcast green. 3-Pull


Deep blues and pale green accentuated by negative white space.


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