Vintage Volkswagen love

I started this series of vintage VW illustrations after seeing nicely restored (or semi-restored) beetles popping up all over the place. It’s that feeling you get when you first take notice, then start seeing it everywhere. Maybe I was just on the lookout after those first few brushes, but the aesthetics and the sound of that car really takes me back. Read on to view this series from bumper to bumper. 

The illustrations

Type 1 – The Beetle. Sketched and illustrated in vector art, I enjoy capturing lots of little details but keeping things clean. 


Type 181 – The Thing


Type 2 – (Barn-door Transporter)


Type 14 – Kharmann Ghia


Some nice Inkjet prints are forthcoming ($40 range), and will be available by summer’s end.

Handmade Silkscreen Prints

Handmade stencil screen prints over cosmic drip backgrounds.

Get them while they last. Each Screenprint is completely handmade from start to finish with a few wild background color combinations. Each car series has LESS than 10 prints. I have selections in the store, but also carry additional color backgrounds for each print. View and buy available prints in the STORE.

Started with the Beetle. 6 prints in this series.


Here you really see some of the nice brushwork I can achieve through this method.


Get the gang together and have a Fiesta in the transporter! This one has a nice fiery red highlight and offsetting blues.


Type 181 reporting for duty.


Letterpress Coaster Set

The only safe way to drink and drive.

Get them while they last. Printed only 50 sets of these candy-colored gems. Visit the Store.

Gumball inspired colors. Each set comes with 4 cars: (Blue) Type 1, (Red) Type 2, (Orange) Type 14 and (Green) Type 181


All colors were custom mixed from process color inks. Red came straight outta the can, and the green was the hardest to get right. It’s a tricky bit of understanding how some inks are transparent, and others more opaque. Knowing ink will lighten once it hits the paper.

A beauty shot of the Type 2 and back of the Type 1 card. each card has a second imprint with the series info on the back in matching color.


OH MAN! I love lineart on press. Took my Illustrations and added a nice hairline to it.


Mixed this robin’s egg color with Process blue and opaque white. 


Kharmann Ghia and the back of THE THING.


PHEW! I’m exhausted, but moving on to the next project. Get ’em all while they last. Support local art and help me keep this car rolling.

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View and buy available prints in the STORE.