The Modern Quail

JJ Quail was born out of a larger illustration development effort for Creative Inspiration Guru Cherylstyle. Acting mascot for the brand and wry little troublemaker, client direction included keywords “simple, abstract, bright and colorful”.

Focusing on showing emotion through body language, it was fun sketching out his different states of mind.

A few sketchy poses for friendly, pumped and skeptical.

Sketches lead to color exploration and finished vector art.

Variety is the spice of life

For the next step, I began creating and compiling style sheets of JJ the Quail, complete with a variety of poses. This part was too much fun!

Showing some playful character

 SO many more possibilities, even a Batbird.

How about a jet-setting playboy. B-baller?  Slowpoke gettaway?

You’re So Invited

JJ’s acted as valet on the Cherylstyle brand launch campaign including appearances throughout the book “you’re so invited” in a series of monochromatic illustrations. He was always popping up somewhere.

Enjoying a summertime Zen garden experience.

Soaking up Thanksgiving dessert and drinks

Scoping out presents during holiday coffee talk.

Animated Styleboards

JJ even made his way into a few animated shorts.

3-stage style board illustration

Always staying classy

In the End

It was great experience moving the character beyond a single illustration, truly integrating him into the brand. A simple character with style for miles.

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