The Getaway – Pedalcraft Poster

Just be cool. It’s all about fun and nostalgia…

Last week I completed my poster design for Pedalcraft Phoenix! This will be my first year attending the show and a nice wrap up to the events of Phoenix Design Week. Here’s a first look at the finished piece.

The way Doug Penick described it (and I’ll paraphrase here) “just have fun, involve bikes in some way, and give it a life beyond Pedalcraft.” Triple check…

The finished poster design


This 27×36″ Gallery Print will be on display at the Pedalcraft Show (Monorchid gallery) Friday, October 25th, 6-9 pm. There will also be a very limited amount of 18×24 posters for sale at the event. Proceeds from poster sales help fund local community projects and bike non-profits.

More detailed views

He’s losing some valuable resources, and evidence!


I’ve been geeking out on iconography in my work lately and I’m loving it. The fields of color give a soft Rothko-style backdrop as a foil to the action.

Beads of sweat and determination from our hero


Catching air and spinning tires! Of course he’s got a baseball card in his spokes for more muscle.


He’s JUUUUSSST about to make contact with the asphalt. I do so many more detailed types of illustration that it’s nice to stick with just a few colors and really make them work together to create compelling art.

Always loved the Schwinn Stingray design so I had to fold it into my illustration


Heavy Pedal


Soft drop shadows bring our hero forward and give him separation from the background walls. Not sure if this gear is correct but I don’t care. Though I’m sure someone’s out there just waiting to call me out.

I want to thank Doug Penick from Pedalcraft for inviting me to take part in the show this year. If you like this article, here’s a few more you might enjoy. Phoenix Rising, Live your life