Sweetish Fin


The kids (and me admittedly) adored the movie “Wreck-it-Ralph”. It’s rare to find an entertaining movie the family can enjoy together, so when Fin said he’d like a Sugar Rush racer theme for his birthday party I jumped on it! And then I sat on it for two months…

His birthday was last month, alas, but the poster still needed to be done. It was calling to me. Must… commemorate… birthday… Jackass! So I took up where I left off last month and got down to business.


After much discussion on a name, Jenn came up with “Sweetish Fin” based on his love of Swedish Fish, the deliciously soft, chewy, fruity treat.

Happy gummy fish hat, who wouldn’t want one?


 Self assured grin of course. A candy cart racer must have supreme confidence, and a sporty jacket.


There are plenty of details here. Simpler background elements. Sweet and iconic.


Trying out more bulbous highlights, lots of little details here.


Classic “Cooper Black” in mouth-watering red cherry.


Check out the scales and highlights. Loving this primary color combination.


Ready to Race! Here’s to Finley’s birthday and taking things over the top!

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