The past few years i found time in my summer schedule to make elaborate and fun birthday invitations for the kids. When it came time for the boy’s party this year… I was back-logged with projects.

Thinking back, the Rock Monster theme of 2011 was pretty righteous and kick-ass. I wanted to tackle another poster, but with time running out and my workload not easing up, I got off the hook.  My task for the party was creating a few fun superhero party labels and favors.

Hero Squad, Assemble! (Hero Sandwich, that is).

A recent story about the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein had me thinking about using Primary color Benday dots. Apparently Lichtenstein had pre-made stencils of varying sized dot patterns. He could simply choose the dots he wanted, apply the stencil to his canvas and paint the dots.

No party is complete without fruit PUNCH!

A cupcake topper that could not be more straightforward.

Channeling Adam West wasn’t a stretch.

I had the loftier goal of creating a comic strip poster, but i just plain ran out of time. This Hotrod would have been the Rad-mobile! Keeping the streets safe and Keepin’ it REAL.

Rad-mobile sketch. In Hot Pursuit

Primary colored gumball tags POP!

The party was a BLAST!

Why stress out? Keeping the design fun and the pressure OFF myself got this project done on time and added value to the boy’s special day.