Phoenix Rising

Ok, so it’s hot as Satan’s flaming ass in Phoenix right now. I figured it would be a great time to share this recent hot project.

I was called on earlier this year to collaborate on a poster for a Phoenix student portfolio review with a strong “propaganda” style. A call-to-action for young phoenix designers. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! I’m hearing AC/DC in my head. The final poster turned out great, and as always, I had lots of fun with the details. check it out.

Our Hero. Warm browns and reds throughout.


 The design masses march on Phoenix.


I also created banner type that didn’t make it into the final poster art. Here is the finished version i put together. All texturized and whatnot.


Here is the final poster (Type shown here designed by Tunnel Bravo.)


Special thanks to Jason Johnson and everyone at Tunnel Bravo for collaborating on this piece.

Continue to stay cool my friends, and if you like this project, here are some others you might enjoy. Live your life, Say you want a revolution, Design Portfolio.