Over New Years I took part in a Manifesto project put on by the Phoenix New Times.

My mission was to interpret one item from their declaration of intentions, and create a poster design around it. You might call a box of matches cliché but as Bobby Brown once said “It’s My Prerogative! I’ll do what I wanna do!”. 😉 If that means throwing a simple metaphor in your face then so be it.

In school I once tried to illustrate matches with an ultra-crappy result, so it’s more of an inside joke for me than anything. I enjoyed keeping the shading and detail minimal but making it POP!

The matchbox grit was hexagon shaped on the samples i found, so hearts were a natural transition.


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Manifesto written by John and Carla Wade (of Carly’s Bistro in downtown Phoenix). Thank you to Claire Lawton of the Phoenix New Times for bringing me in on this project!