Illustration Project Inquiry

    What do you want illustrated?

    Is it a diagram of “how to peel an orange”? A painting of the Madonna? A Prehistoric lizard dressed up like Captain Morgan with a monkey on his shoulder? A short description that encompasses your needs will give you a more accurate estimate.

    What style of illustration are you looking for?

    A client seeking illustration services must either provide samples of the illustration style they want to emulate, or look through our extensive portfolios and reference the work they like. Being vague requires research time to establish style and therefore will cost more.

    Where is the illustration going? How is it going to be used?

    This information is key to building the illustration at the best possible size and format for your needs. Your art will be more versatile and effective in more ways.

    Attach example file(s) (jpg, png, gif, pdf)

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    The Creative Process

    Sketch Phase - (1-2) sketches are provided for composition.
    A sketch is needed to ensure that all components to the illustration are included, and the overall layout is correct and approved before moving forward. Illustration is a labor intensive process and the sketch phase provides a cost effective and efficient path to a nice illustration and a happy customer.

    Illustration Phase - (1) illustration is created based on approved sketch and agreed upon style.
    If communication has been effective for style and composition, the artwork created will be an extension of that.

    Adjustment & Pre-Press - (1) round of adjustments and (1) round of pre-press file preparation are usually included (unless otherwise specified).
    Typically some adjustments are needed to get things “just right”. These are small changes to the artwork to correct inaccuracies or problem areas that need touching up. Your estimate includes the time to make these smaller adjustments. Any changes to composition or style at this point are not included. Major changes would require a separate estimate and more working time. Once complete, the artwork must be formatted to print or export correctly from the native artwork. This is a critical final step.

    Additional Services Provided for each Project

    Project Management - Organizational time for the project.
    Necessary research, client meetings and ongoing contact. Lots of back and forth communication during the process eats up time. Efficient and effective communication keep costs down and stress low.

    Please remember, you are commissioning artwork.
    It is not a science but a labor intensive creative process. The illustrator is experienced in providing artwork for commercial use, but the more understanding of the process you are, the better results you will get, and the happier you will be!