Every Which Way – Monorchid show aftermath


And just like that, it’s over

It all came together the last few weeks of March. Over 60 pieces of art, on 9 walls, spanning 4 weeks in April at Monorchid gallery in downtown Phoenix. A ton of work went into the show, covering 3 years of printmaking and development of my unique monoscreen style. Overall a wonderful experience. Check out some highlights from the show!

Official Press Release:

Jon is preoccupied with ephemeral (throwaway) design and illustration of the golden age in advertising (1930s- 70’s). Much like walking through a thrift store, his work swings wildly in many directions drawing inspiration from high art history to low-brow and folk art. He states, “I want my art to be familiar, accessible, an immediate payoff for the viewer. It should speak to their gut, their past or present, something they can identify with.” Arvizu is intensely interested in learning and refining his knowledge of various production methods, and he experiments with the limits and purposes of the materials and processes. The exploration has amassed in a large volume of work that really does lead the visitor, Every Which Way. The show includes large format Monoscreen prints, traditional serigraphs, small format letterpress prints, “rust resist” steel art and traditional paintings. Together the individual artworks serve as an overview of the many bodies of work, or as he calls them “categories” that Jon has developed over the years.


Here are some images from the show.

Wall 1 and wall 9 in the background. Tons of beautiful space to work with in this large gallery.


Wall 1: Entrance to the show


Wall 3: some of the highly reflective steel art goes black on my iphone photos.


 Wall 4: The Witchdoctor is the only other painting in the show (seen here next to Juniper and Paul Maul)


Wall 4: Color and spacing is key


Wall 5: 2 paintings made it into the show including the “Peekaboo Girl” here.


Walls 5 and 6


Wall 5: A lot of this going on.


Wall 6: Nevermore Crow is one of my favorites here on the left. (wall 9 in the background)


Wall 7: Diversity of themes, Mid Century architecture juxtaposed against western pop art and Mexican symbology.


Wall 7 and 8. A ton of people came through the gallery on First Friday.


Wall 8: The pieces came together organically, i started at the center and worked my way out making sure color and style varied widely with each installation wall.


Wall 8: Variety is the spice of life. Focusing on 1 theme is super boring to me. I want it all


Wall 9: from afar


Wall 9: Angry girl next to calming themes of honey bees and retro jazz instruments


Wall 9: Plenty of height to this wall so i was able to arrange art up higher to take advantage of the space.


Wall 9 and the Merchandise table back there somewhere.


Wall 9: Typography is art, despite any old school notions to the contrary.


Small Screenprints and Letterpress art

All of this has just accumulated through small projects over the last few years


Press for the Show

Yay Press! Page 2 in the Arizona Republic arts section. not bad eh?


A big thank you to Wayne Rainey, Justin Germain, Nicole Royse and Annalisa Macaluso from Monorchid gallery. They were awesome to work with!

Any galleries interested in my work please contact me here. Interested in purchasing a print? check out the store.

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