Bad Habits


My friend Jeremy occasionally sends me odd old photos and advertisements. One photograph in particular included 3 nuns falling down drunk on a busy street corner and it sent me down a rabbit hole of my experience with catholicism and religion on whole. Such a natural conflict sometimes exists between instinct and spirituality. Though now I’m more post-religion and pro-community, I give a nod to my youth and organized religions. Plus it’s just a fun print to look at and apply your own meaning to.

Attention to detail

8 prints in this series. It’s been very popular and just 2 prints are left for sale.

The print contains 3 stencils, 1 silver and 2 black. Like a layered painting, each impression is brushed and squeegee pulled through the screen by hand creating a unique print every time.

Blue Black textures hand painted on each print.  I mixed the blue down really dark and used clear to brush in the texture.


You can see the fine tolerances I’m dealing with on alignment


 Nice and sharp, love that clean but imprecise edge



Here are my stencil drawings, making sure everything lines up from 1 color to the next is huge challenge.




Cutting requires attention to detail. This ain’t like burning screens, where you can just leave it up to the perfect mechanical process. We’re making art here!




Here’s is my finished black stencil after it’s been printed. headed to the wash bay for power washing. You can’t use the stencils more than 1 time.


Stencil Details

Fluttering paper. Don’t open the door!


 Trailing smoke and fingernails, tricky registration


Finished Art



This is print #6 of 8.

22×30 on Stonehenge archival paper.
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